Humpback Whale Enamel Mug

Humpback Whale Enamel Mug

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The story

Humpback whales migrate up to 8,000km annually, and such a journey requires an epic mixtape to keep up the good vibes. While human radio hits typically last 3–4 minutes, it's well-known that whale songs can last up to several hours. This is why any whale artist needs some of that X factor, in order to not drive his peers insane. To put that into human context, it could become a very, very long trip, if you're not  into heavy metal, but were forced to listen to Metallica on repeat on your trip from Skagen to Zimbabwe.

Mix and match 2 enamel mugs for €33.90. Discount is automatically applied.


• COLOR: White
• FABRIC: Enamel coated iron
• FIT: 350 ml
• WASH: Dishwasher safe
• Manufactured in China

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