We are proud to present this collection made with adventurers - and brothers - Emil and Theis Midé Erichsen. The clothing is inspired by their memorable voyages on their boat Havana. Especially their experiences and the tattoos they received from locals in Polynesia.
Bon voyage!

The traveler's choice

The products from the collection are designed for adventures. They quickly absorb moisture, are breathable, and dry quickly. The material Lyocell also has natural properties that break down bacteria and reduce odor. This means it is not necessary to wash the product often.

More than a shirt

The shirts from the collection are made from SEAQUAL™ YARN - a fabric created from recycled bottles and plastic waste collected by fishing boats along the coasts of Europe. Both materials are broken down and transformed into textile threads. We've woven this thread together with Lyocell, which is made from wood fibers sourced from rapidly growing trees. The wood fibers are broken down in a closed-loop chemical process, with no chemicals leaving the factory.

The two fabrics are woven together at the textile mill Santanderina in Spain, one of Europe's leading producers of alternative fabrics. The shirts are then sewn and packaged in biodegradable corn bags by the Danish-owned ShirtMakers in North Macedonia. By purchasing one of the shirts from the LAKOR X HAVANA collection, you are contributing to the Together For A Clean Ocean project, which has so far removed over 600 tons of waste from the world's oceans.

Plastic Change arbejder både nationalt og internationalt for at redde vores verdenshave fra at drukne i plastik. For at vende udviklingen har de brug for hjælp.

Læs mere om hvordan du kan blive en del af kampen mod plastikforurening på: plasticchange.dk

Polynesian symbols

The Polynesian symbols you find in the collection were designed by Theis and Emil's cousin, Amanda Midé-Andersen. The patterns are inspired by their journey through Polynesia and the tattoos that Emil and Theis had done by the locals. The symbols tell stories of the eternal change of nature and a love for the sea.

"We chose early on to center the collection around the Polynesian symbols because they symbolize the boys' journey in themselves. Theis and Emil each got their own tattoo in Polynesia, telling their own story of circumnavigation, and they came to accompany them for the rest of their journey and throughout their lives. In all their intricate details, they tell much more than my talkative cousins could have ever conveyed."

The distinctive feature of Polynesian symbols is that each symbol has its own unique meaning, which then takes on a new significance in combination with other symbols. At the same time, these symbols tell humble stories of the diversity of nature and humanity's dependence on it. It was a narrative that I felt aligned well with the collection's focus on alternative materials and recycled plastic.

- Amanda Midé-Andersen

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