We hope that your LAKOR product will have many years of wearing before there is no longer room in the wardrobe. When that day comes, however, we would encourage you to take it back to its home base in our stores. We then make sure that the product is either recycled or passed on to a charitable purpose.

When you hand in a piece of LAKOR clothing, you will get a deposit for the product, which you can use on your next purchase in our stores.

Frequently asked questions

What is the clothing used for?
Our Deposit partners redesign the products into children's clothing and pillows, and demonstrate how creativity and recycling can go hand in hand. See, for instance, Britt Mandrups children's clothing.

Where can I redeem my deposit?
In the LAKOR stores in Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen.

How much deposit is there on the products?
There is 25 DKK on jackets, pants, shirts, and sweatshirts, and 10 DKK on t-shirts, shorts, caps, and accessories.

What can I use my deposit for?
The deposit can be used on your next purchase in our stores.

Can I get my deposit in cash?
No, unfortunately, we do not have the option to pay out the money as cash in our stores.

Does the deposit scheme also apply to previous collections?
Yes, it applies to all LAKOR products.

Can I get a deposit for things other than LAKOR clothing?
No, but we encourage you to drop off all used clothing for charity where you live. Alternatively, you can drop it off in our stores. We will recycle it for you.

Are there any other requirements?
The clothing you submit must be washed and clean so that the smell of fish does not become too strong in the store.