Finding a project that makes an impact both locally and globally has not been easy. But we found exactly that along the coastline of Madagascar. A project rooted in the shallow beaches as well as in local communities.

4 good reasons

1. Thousands of locals get a paid job

2. A healthy marine environment strengthens biodiversity

3. Mangrove is a strong natural barrier against flooding

4. Mangrove binds 3-5 times the CO2 of tropical rainforest

Mangrove in Madagascar?

Mangrove has numerous positive attributes as described by IUCN and WWF.

Mangrove fosters an extraordinarily healthy environment for fish, shellfish and corals. It provides endangered species a shelter and, in the longer run, helps the fish population grow to a healthy level where it can support locals with food. By hiring people in the forestation areas to plant the trees, the project provides an extra income to locals in need.

The mangrove forests act as a natural barrier against flooding and tsunamis. And is a lot cheaper that manmade alternatives.

Last but not least, mangrove trees are exceptional air cleaners and binds 3-5 times a much CO2 as tropic rainforest. In their lifespan they capture around 308 kg CO2 - equal to the production of around 190 organic cotton T-shirts.

Your contribution

For every LAKOR product sold since January 1st 2021 we donate an amount equal to the planting of a tree.

When you choose to buy LAKOR, you are thereby making a tangible difference in the world.