We have long been looking for a project that makes a tangible difference both locally and globally. We found just that in our collaboration with veritree. A project rooted in the shallow beaches as well as in local communities.

For every piece of our clothing sold since January 1st 2021 we have donated an amount equal to the planting of a mangrove tree.

The donation is sent to veritree quarterly.

Why Mangrove?

Mangrove has numerous positive attributes as described by IUCN and WWF.

Mangrove trees promote an exceptionally healthy nutrient environment for fish, shellfish and coral. It thus ensures the survival of endangered animal species and in the long term increases both biodiversity and the fish population, which in turn gives the locals the opportunity to catch more fish. The planting of mangrove trees ensures local jobs, and the trees also help to protect the locals from tsunamis and floods. In addition, nature's storm barriers are often both cheaper and far more effective than man-made alternatives.

Mangrove trees are also exceptionally good at cleaning the air and often bind significantly more CO2 than tropical rainforests.

4 good reasons

1. Creates jobs for the local

2. A healthy marine environment strengthens biodiversity

3. Mangrove is a strong natural barrier against flooding

4. Mangrove binds large amounts of CO2

The organization

Since 2019 veritree has made an impressive positive impact in the world. They are pioneering in their work with transparency and the measurable effect of donations.

Read more about the organization and their projects on their website.