Inspired by the differences between the idyllic coastal culture and modern life in the urban areas, LAKOR’s mission is to connect the two worlds and make the coastal culture street.
Our goal is to prod your creativity, rethink sustainability and inspire you to explore places where the Wi-Fi is weak.

Our three-masted schooner

The three masts that propel our ship forwards are Creativity, Responsibility and Æxplore. They stand at the center of all our ventures and helps us to handle the perfect brainstorm.


The fascinating creative universe seen in LAKORs designs are made by designer Lasse Kornum. As the creative catalyst he finds inspiration in Danish culture and lets his fantasy run free through pencil and paper.


Though there has been great progress with the growing focus on sustainability, many still mainly focus on the manufacturing processes. We believe it is equally important to consider other aspects too such as the lifecycle of our products: What is the lifespan of our products? Which fabrics are used for our products and what happens with them when the customer no longer wears it?


"Æxplore" is our Danish take on the curiosity that drives us forward. In search for new materials, new designs and new adventures. It also perfectly captures how we want to embark on new adventures without forgetting our Danish heritage. – A combination you will often find in our designs. 

The story of LAKOR

The LAKOR ship is certainly a vessel being build while sailing it. Here you will find some of the highlights of the journey that has shaped the clothing company.