Outfits for the nature lover

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Whether you're pitching a tent in a nearby forest or visiting your in-laws, we have just the outfit for the occasion.

On this page, you'll find 4 different outfit ideas that our photographer put together for our latest photoshoot.

Explore below.

Outfit 1

The outfit is built around one of the new T-Shirts from the autumn collection, paired with the new and stylish denim shirt.

Outfit tip:
Dig out your best hiking boots from the closet and head into nature with a filled thermos in the early autumn.

Outfit 2

The new Moss shirt, with its durable yet soft quality, has fantastic properties as a light overshirt but can also stand alone as a stylish shirt for most events throughout the year.

Outfit tip:
Wear a brightly colored T-shirt under the shirt to make it stand out - and you will receive a nod from even the grumpiest of lumberjacks.

Outfit 3

This stylish outfit will surely become a regular companion to family gatherings. The brown tones from the shirt pair incredibly well with the new Knokkelshirt in brown from the new autumn collection.

Outfit tip:
If you go fishing in this outfit, be sure to bring an extra-large bag for all the fish that will willingly jump into your net to get a closer look at such a fine landlubber.

outfit 4

This outfit is inspired for getting out into nature. The lovely and soft knit sweater paired with a shell jacket that is both wind and water-resistant means there's no longer any excuse to stay inside.

Outfit tip:
For the cool autumn days, we recommend a thermos filled with something delicious and hot to drink. You'll rarely feel as connected to nature as when you're sitting alone in the woods wearing a warm knit sweater and holding a hot cup of coffee in your hand.

Combine your own outfit

The best outfit is always the one in which you feel most comfortable - So, explore our autumn collection, mix and match your own favorites, and get ready to arrive at the harbor with confidence and style.