Upcycling partners

Our deposit partners redesign the end-of-life products handed in by our customers, and thereby show how creativity and recycling can go hand in hand. The clothing we receive are made into kids clothing, pillows and the likes. Our goal is to extend the life of our products and inspire you to do the same.

Our partners


Britt Mandrup is in symbiosis with her sewing machine, and for a long time, she has been sewing children's clothing for the LAKOR employees' kids. Britt is one of the diligent partners who breathe new life into your old clothes. She does this by transforming the used clothing we receive in our stores into children's clothing. You can see and purchase her creative creations at brittmandrup.dk.

The proceeds from the sales, of course, go directly to Britt.

Follow Britt on Instagram here: @bymandrup


Byggehygge is a dynamic Danish duo working with upcycling, furniture design, and similar projects. The people behind Byggehygge are Anders and Lasse who inspire us all to "hygge" while we restore and create new things through "HOW-TO" videos and workshops.

Follow them on Instagram here: @BYGGEHYGGE.

Become an Upcycling partner

Would you like to help breathe new life into used products? We are always looking for new Upcycling partners who would like to be part of our journey.

If you have the creative skills to become a partner, please send an email and share your thoughts and ideas with us at support@lakorsoulwear.com.

We welcome inquiries from organizations, companies, and individuals alike.